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At Parker’s Detailing Company, we deliver more than just cleanliness to our customers. Built on principles of trust, collaboration, and attention to detail; we offer a variety of services that will revitalize your vehicle both inside and out! From car detailing Gig Harbor to polishing marks off the exterior or applying ceramic coating for restoration – you can count on us delivering quality solutions with exceptional results.

Professional Ceramic Coatings

Your car is your prized possession. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into it, so you want to protect it from the elements as much as possible. But what can you do?

With Ceramic Coating for Cars in Gig Harbor, WA, you can get a protective layer that will keep your paint job looking brand new for years to come! This coating protects against various external threats such as chips, scratches, UV rays, and chemical acidity from dead insects and bird droppings. It also keeps water off your paint job so rain doesn’t leave behind those annoying white spots when it dries up on the surface of your vehicle. And because this coating is hydrophobic – meaning water beads up on its surface rather than soaking in – dirt won’t stick to it either! So if you live near Puget Sound or anywhere else where there are lots of trees around (or even if you don’t), getting a ceramic coating that will offer your car’s paint job protection like nothing else out there today.

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What Our Customers Say

Based on 95 reviews.
Melissa Perry
Melissa Perry
I picked up my car today and couldn’t be happier on the job Parker’s Detailing Company did with the STEK DYNOmatte PPF. I’m so thrilled after struggling to keep it clean the first month I had it.
Russell Lai
Russell Lai
Parker leads a very professional and detailed oriented team. His crew over a 5 day period added a PPF protective layering and ceramic coating to my 2022 Tesla Plaid. I greatly appreciated the “invisible” lines and precision cuts. Well done!!
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C
I HIGHLY recommend Parker’s Detailing! I have a ‘09 Dodge Ram that has seen much better days. Many many road trips, mudding, camping, fishing, etc. They were able to make it look almost brand new (I say almost because my Dad smoked, and we all know it is so hard to get nicotine out of the car 100%). I cannot thank them enough for helping us restore it to a clean vehicle for us to use again. Thank you Parker & Company!!
Sara Bowe
Sara Bowe
It was excellent. Everyone one was polite, kind and very interested in their job!! The detailing to my 22 yr old car was perfect!! Parker came highly recommended and I agree it was an excellent recommendation. I would come back and also refer others. Thank you so much for making my old car look almost new!! Sara Bowe
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis
Parker and team are amazing. I had my 2022 Polestar 2 wrapped in dyno matte ppf, ceramic coated and had the windows tinted. The quality of work that was put into this was top notch. The car has a whole new look that stands out and is protected from the elements. Parker was great at making my vision for the car come true and he is super communicative throughout the process, including great ideas that made the end result look even better. I recommend anyone looking for a quality shop to change the look/protect your car to look no further then these guys.
hao chen
hao chen
This is where you want to go if you love your vehicle and want it well cared for. Parker is afable, truly passionate about detailing, and it shows in the caliber of his work. Truly an A+ experience through and through and I will only be taking my vehicles here from now on!
Victoria Payne
Victoria Payne
I've had both of my cars detailed at Parkers detailing and they do a truly fantastic job. Parker himself is great and makes sure it easy to schedule, drop off, pick up, and pay. The quality of the work is top notch. Every time we've taken either of our cars there, they come back spotless and even cleaner than I thought possible!

Top Rated Paint Enhancement

Do you want your car to look like new?

We can take care of all the damage on your vehicle’s outer clear layer, so it looks just like the day you bought it. Our paint correction service is a great way to keep your car looking its best for years and years.

You don’t have to worry about taking your car in every year or two because we can do this work for you! Just leave everything up to us and get ready for an amazing-looking vehicle that will turn heads wherever you go. Plus, our services are available at any time – even if it’s late at night or early in the morning! No matter what time of day works best for you, we can accommodate. If there ever was a perfect solution for keeping your car looking beautiful, this is it! Paint correction is here today and ready to help out with whatever needs fixing on your vehicle. Let us give back some shine and luster that has been lost over time due to wear and tear from daily driving conditions. It’s easy as 1-2-3…1) Call 2) Schedule 3) Relax while we restore perfection into every inch of your exterior surface area!

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