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Car Detailing in Tacoma

At Parker’s Detailing Company, we deliver more than just cleanliness to our customers. Built on principles of trust, collaboration, and attention to detail, we offer a variety of car detailing services; paint protection, paint correction services, and full interior detail that will revitalize your vehicle both inside and out.In addition to car detailing Tacoma, we can buff out exterior marks and dents, correct paint, and apply ceramic coating to restore and coating protects your vehicle to glory.

We want everybody to be able to experience the premium quality service and the look and feel of a professionally detailed vehicle, and customers of Parker’s Detailing can testify to the unique success of our auto detailing mission in Tacoma WA. Every vehicle that comes through our doors leaves better than before, polished and perfected with top-notch tools, resources, and expertise. Contact us today, and look forward to cleaning, like-new upholstery, glossy vehicle’s interior, and exterior surfaces, and a renewed sense of confidence and ease behind the wheel that best preserve value of your vehicle.

Professional Tacoma Car Detailing

Parkers Detailing Co LLC understands that the inside of your vehicle is your home away from home, and we care for it as such. Help us make your home a healthy, happy place to be by ridding both hard and soft interior surfaces or everything unsightly and unsafe. To this end, our detailing service includes steam-cleaning, removing stains, and detailing service protects against future stains using special carpet coating.

We will leave the glass spotless and streak-free and the plastic surface bolst ered against UV rays. If you are looking for a thorough car detailing Tacoma, you can’t do better than Parker’s Detailing Company. You won’t believe how refreshed and revitalized you feel behind the wheel of a car that feels good-as-new from the inside out. Call us today and see for yourself!

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Tacoma Top Notch Ceramic Coatings For Cars

Parkers Detailing Co. should be your first call for Tacoma ceramic coating! With ample experience in both preparation and execution of ceramic coating treatments, our employees will have your car’s paint looking brand new with a deep, luxurious gloss. The years can really start to take a toll on your car’s finish, resulting in dullness.

When you make an appointment with us, we’ll make sure to thoroughly clean your car’s paint. Next, we’ll ensure that any minor paint corrections are performed properly. Finally, we’ll use our proprietary Si02 solution. This bonds with your car’s existing paint to create a beautiful finish you can just about see your reflection in! Give us a call today to see what Parkers Detailing Co. can do to restore your car’s exterior using a ceramic coating to its former glory!

Time For Your Ride To Shine!

At Parker’s Detailing Co. we pay close attention to our customer’s needs. we have you covered whether you need a basic detail or top of the line paint correction and ceramic coating. Give us a call today! Or you can visit our About Us page for more details.

#1 Paint Correction in Tacoma

Call Parkers Detailing Co. for all of your paint correction needs! You always want your car to make a good first impression for you, your family, or your business. If your car is starting to show swirls, scratches, water spots, or hologramming, it’s time for paint correction Tacoma. The paint correction process fixes problems both big and small on the exterior of your vehicle by way of an intensive process of cleaning, buffing, and polishing. We start with a thorough wash to  remove any loose surface grime. Next, we use a full clay bar treatment and iron decontamination to remove baked-on tar, preparing the vehicle for the multi-step paint correction. Last (and most important!), different sizes of grit are used to polish away the surface of paint, revealing a smooth, beautiful paint surface!