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Professional Car Detailing in Gig Harbor

At Parkers Detailing Company, we know you’re busy. Whether you’re bringing kids to soccer practice or driving out to your favorite hiking spot with the man’s best friend in the passenger seat, sour coconut milk spill, too much liquid, we get it: life happens to your vehicle. Over time, though, the spills, scratches, and smudges can start to add up. Before you notice– your car can become a disaster site! Luckily for you, there’s a high- quality, professional car detailing with Parkers Detailing Co. With years of experience in car detailing Gig Harbor, we are happy to help you stay on top of regular car maintenance to keep everything shipshape. A call to Parkers twice a year (or after that long family road trip) goes a long way towards maintaining the relaxing, fresh atmosphere you want your car to have.

We offer multiple auto detailing packages according to your needs and the size of your vehicle. We offer interior cleaning to freshen up the inside of your car. This package includes thorough vacuuming of all seats and carpet; shampooing of all carpet (steam cleaning in any spots where it is necessary); pressure washing of all rubber weather tech floor mats; cleaning back floorboard; cleaning and protective treatment of all hard plastic; cleaning and protective treatment on all leather; and thorough detailing experience for all dashboard and console components.

We also offer an exterior detailing package. This package includes a thorough but gentle hand wash of all panels; clay bar treatment of paint to remove any tar spots; pressure washing of plastic bumpers, wheels, and tires; protective treatment on tires; and protective treatment on all paint. Contact us today to schedule your car detailing Gig Harbor!

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Why You Should Have Your Car Professionally Detailed?

The difference between professional auto detailing and your occasional haphazard vacuum job is greater than you might think. Even with a good eye, some serious elbow grease, and a lot of patience, a home detailing job is likely to miss hard-to-reach crevices.In addition, many of the highest- quality products are simply not available for purchase for individual consumers! At Parkers Detailing Co, we take care of an amazing job and provide a trust relationship of the professional-level auto detailing in Gig Harbor WA so you can focus on driving. Even the most diligent car owners need a hand!

Besides a beautiful, clean car without the hassle, why invest in a professional car detailing Gig Harbor? One major reason is safety. Mold in cars or even small SUV is a common problem, and it carries with it major health and safety concerns. Mold can grow in most places, especially if those places are damp and warm. Think of a morning coffee that spills over the console and underneath the seat… then sits in a puddle all day in the parking lot. Yikes! A sticky, smelly mess– and also a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow in your vehicle.

Although many kinds of mold are less harmful, some varieties can be downright dangerous– even deadly. The Stachybotrys chartarum and chlorohalonata species of mold, also known as black mold, are extremely high concerns in a car or anywhere humans can come into contact. Symptoms of these varieties can cause fatigue and weakness, headaches, poor memory, shortness of breath, abdominal pain and bloating, and even put you in the hospital.

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