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What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is an especially time-consuming and meticulous aspect of professional auto detail. Car paint correction consists of multiple steps.

Removing impurities from the exterior of the vehicle:

This first stage of paint correction tends actually to be the most exhaustive. Before any buffing or shining, the whole process starts with a deep clean of the vehicle’s outer surface. For the paint correction to go smoothly, it is necessary to purge the paint of contaminants such as dirt, dust, and other common industrial pollutants that your vehicle likely has come into contact with. 

Inspecting the vehicle from various angles, in various lighting:

After all, debris is removed, every inch of the car is inspected so that no imperfection remains unaddressed. This is where a skilled eye makes a difference between casual, haphazard touch-ups and top-rated paint correction Gig Harbor.

Leveling of the paint’s surface using cutting compounds:

Incidental scratches happen all the time and can be removed seamlessly with the right materials, namely: a fine cutting compound and a gentle pad. A larger grit is used to buff out deeper imperfections, which may also be known as “swirl marks” and are often caused by improper washing at a car wash or otherwise applying rough textures to the paint.

Because scratches vary in shape, texture, and depth, this step usually involves multiple phases of polishing, ending with the finest compound and then a final wipe-down of the vehicle.`

with us, You would never know there was an issue with the paint to begin with!

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Paint Correction Gig Harbor

If you want to completely transform your vehicle in the eyes of onlookers, paint correction is the way to go– but it takes an expert auto detailing eye to identify flaws and an expert hand to give a fantastic job and to address them appropriately. Invest in a trip to Parkers Detailing Co to give your vehicle the deluxe auto detailing treatment and ceramic coating to bring some new shine to your old ride!

If your vehicle spends any time outdoors, scratches are inevitable– dings from opening the door into a post, chips from rocks kicked up from the road, sour coconut milk spill, too much liquid, even the occasional key. Fortunately, no matter how your car got scratched or faded, there’s a solution right around the corner! With paint correction Gig Harbor, there is a way to get a good job and to get out on the road and then get your vehicle back to its very best shape. 

There is a difference between covering over a problem and truly erasing it, and our paint correction in Gig Harbor WA procedure accomplishes the latter. Rather than going over the scratch with paint or sealant, we carefully clean and strip the layers of paint to be polished off. For minor scratches, this means the groove will be completely leveled out– invisible! For larger scratches, buffing out the paint around the scratch will make the scratch almost unnoticeable. When we say “good as new,” we mean it.

After a session with Parkers Detailing Company, your car or truck will stand out in a crowded lot, the sun glinting off its flawless, unmarred exterior. Call our auto detailing services in Gig Harbor WA for a free estimate today or visit our About Us page and make your shiniest dreams a reality!

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