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Fireball Ceramic Coatings

Highest SiO2 Ceramic Coating % In The World

Fireball Coatings have the highest SiO2 content on the market. Not only are they a combination of 5 types of Si and SiO2 raw materials, they also blend extremely well together, providing properties that excel in various environmental situations like Chemical Environments/Applications or even High-Temperature environments!

Dual-Bonded SiO2 Molecules

Fireball coatings are made with the only ceramic coating that has dual-bonded SiO2 molecules. The bonding creates better surface integrity, finish clarity, and depth while increasing micro scratch resistance! Plus it allows true self-healing properties.


Titanium & Scratch/UV Resisitance

Fireball Coatings provides the best coatings in their industry with a high amount of titanium to provide excellent UV protection and break down surface contaminants.

Chemical Reaction Hardshell

The Fireball Coating achieves a hard-shelled surface by undergoing an incredible chemical reaction. The ceramic coating first binds to the object it’s being applied and then has its best qualities locked in during this last stage, when all traces of liquid have dried up into solid form– making for better gloss levels than any other brand on market!

TyphoonTrans (1)

Fireball Typhoon (1 Year)

Starting at $750

Typhoon+ can be applied to glass-work or as a topper onto any paintwork coating from our range to give a silky super slick and outstanding water repellent finish.

Untitled design - 2022-01-03T154618.847

Fireball Aegis (2 Year)

Starting at $1,200

Aegis + is our entry-level coating but is an awesome all-around coating with amazing versatility that can also be used on interiors and leather surfaces. 

devil_s blood_smallTRANS

Fireball Devils Blood (3 Year)

Starting at $1,600

Devil’s Blood is our flagship PPF/Vinyl coating while still being a staple for paint. It has amazing hydrophobic and water sheeting properties, helping remove dirt and dust from vehicle surfaces.

silla _smallTrans

Fireball Silla (5 Year)

Starting at $1,900

Silla+ is our most salt and chemical resistant coating that we offer in a one layer. It is perfect for beach and coastal environments as well, has amazing graffiti resistance and reduces the risk of water spotting from hard water and acid rain.

butterfly _smallTRANS

Fireball Butterfly (7 Year)

Starting at $2,400

Butterfly+ is our flagship single-layer coating. We recommend this on vehicles that experience harsh environments such as 4x4s and vehicles that experience a lot of micro-abrasions due to infrequent cleaning or poor washing procedures.

Butterfly Graphene 50ml 03.88

Fireball Butterfly Graphene (7 Year)

Starting at $2,600

Butterfly Graphene is the future of protective coatings. Benefits include: improved characteristics, longer-lasting formula, extreme self-cleaning capabilities, less prone to water spotting than coatings without added oxide, increased slickness, increased gloss, depth, and clarity.


Fireball Dok Do Dual Layer (10 Year)

Starting at $2,900

Dok Do + is our flagship coating that can only be described as absolute insanity but in a good way. Dok Do+ consists of an extremely super hard base coat, topped with a hard chemical resistant and a glossy top coat that contains over 92% Si02 and Si glass-ceramic.

Untitled design - 2022-01-06T142235.876

Fireball Wheel Coating

Starting at $375

Talon+ coating is our high-temperature coating which is used to coat wheels and brake components that also has a durability of up to 12 months.

TyphoonTrans (1)

Fireball Glass Coating

Starting at $225

Typhoon+ can be applied to glass-work or as a topper onto any paintwork coating from our range to give a silky super slick and outstanding water repellent finish.

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Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez
After seeing their post on Instagram, I decided to reach out. It wasn't long before requesting a quote on their website that I was contacted. I was given a very competitive quote and availability. When I showed up, they greeted me with professionalism and care. They did a great job in removing the dings I had plus a few others I never knew were there until I arrived. After seeing how great other vehicles looked, I decided to also get my car detailed. They did a supreme job. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a detail, ding removal, or paint coating. They're professional and very knowledgeable. Glad I could support local!
Kurtis Andrews
Kurtis Andrews
We were so impressed with Parkers Detailing. Our SUV was spotless after the detailing and it truly feels like a brand new car. There’s no way we could’ve achieved this by doing it ourselves. Highly recommend!
Robert Cowan
Robert Cowan
Parker's Detailing does such great work. Great attention to detail and they get the job done on time. I won't go anywhere else
Keith Durbin
Keith Durbin
I was very impressed with how thorough my SUV was cleaned and detailed by Parker and his team! Parker is true professional and I’ll be definitely using him and his team for all my detail needs going forward!
Sally Cowan
Sally Cowan
Parker made my almost 10 year-old car look brand new! Every square inch and every nook and cranny look completely clean and shiny, including the mats and carpet. It was such a pleasure to do business with this hard-working young man, and I highly recommend his services. You won't be disappointed.
Olivia Griffin
Olivia Griffin
I am trying to sell my car and found Parkers through a local recommendation for interior detailing. I was very impressed that they managed to get rid of all the dog slobber in my car. Easy to schedule and good quality service. Thank you!
Courtney Fulton
Courtney Fulton
Parker did an amazing job detailing the interior and exterior of my car! I am very impressed… my car looks brand new again! I even had a couple scratches on the back from where a car hit me in a parking lot that he was able to almost completely remove. Super happy and would highly recommend!
Deb T
Deb T
Parker is thorough, professional, on time and just a nice ,hard working guy! My car was impeccably clean! No stone was unturned.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Have you ever seen a car commercial where the car is so smooth that water is beading up on the surface? Have you ever seen a beautifully cared-for vintage car you can practically see your reflection in? Then you’ve seen the amazing job that ceramic coating can do for your car’s paint! This treatment can offer your car genuinely pleasant shine and protection and is a great investment in the long-term care of your vehicle. 

Many people love the deep, beautiful gloss that ceramic coating offers a car. Whether you have a vintage car you love to work on (and occasional drive!) or you want to keep your commuter looking fresh, ceramic coating is a quick pick-me-up that will last for years. This is usually paired with paint correction to ensure a smooth surface first. Ceramic coating for cars protects against various external threats that can degrade the appearance and value of your vehicle. Without such protection, your vehicle is vulnerable to chips, scratches, and other sources of damage such as UV rays and chemical acidity from dead insects and bird droppings. Getting a ceramic coating Gig Harbor will offer your car’s paint job a protective, hydrophobic layer for up to two to five years.

This will cause rain, mud, and any other liquid to bead up and roll off of the surface of your car. It will also repel dry dust, dirt, and grime, making it easier to maintain your car’s cleanliness down the line. If you want to protect your car’s paint and appearance for years to come, ceramic coating is your best bet. Contact us for a free estimate and to discuss what auto detailing services and a great job we can do for your vehicle.


Whether you are driving a small car or an extra-large vehicle, we have a package to suit your every need. 

Gig Harbor
Ceramic Coating

A lot has been said about that new car smell… let us offer you a new car shell! Our ceramic coating marries long-term durability with the short-term satisfaction of a glossy topcoat, so your vehicle will look gorgeous in no time– but it will last for a long time. At Parkers Detailing Co, we offer a fantastic job and the very best ceramic coatings in the area.

This treatment is multi-step, including auto detailing, paint correction, and application of the silicon dioxide coating. At Parkers, we can take care of each step in one appointment to get you (and your shiny “new” car) back on the road in no time at all. First, we do a thorough but gentle hand washing of your car’s surface to ensure any dirt, debris, or grime is off. Next, a clay bar is applied to pry off any tough-to-remove tar or bonded material. Finally, a silicon dioxide coating is applied to your car’s clean surface.

This bonds with the existing clear coating on your car’s paint, creating an ultra-strong covalent bond that adds thickness, gloss, and serious protection from the elements. While the whole ceramic coating Gig Harbor process only takes a few hours in our shop, follow-up care will be crucial to your car’s long-term appearance. While your car is safe to drive home, ceramic coating takes about two to three weeks to fully cure, or create the chemical bond with the paint.

In this time, you should avoid getting your car wet, washing it, or letting debris sit on it for extended periods. Visit our About page now for more details. You can also check our Auto detailing Puyallup page for more details.