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What is Ceramic Coating?

Have you ever seen a car commercial where the car is so smooth that water is beading up on the surface? Have you ever seen a beautifully cared-for vintage car you can practically see your reflection in? Then you’ve seen the amazing job that ceramic coating can do for your car’s paint! This treatment can offer your car genuinely pleasant shine and protection and is a great investment in the long-term care of your vehicle. 

Many people love the deep, beautiful gloss that ceramic coating offers a car. Whether you have a vintage car you love to work on (and occasional drive!) or you want to keep your commuter looking fresh, ceramic coating is a quick pick-me-up that will last for years. This is usually paired with paint correction to ensure a smooth surface first. Ceramic coating for cars protects against various external threats that can degrade the appearance and value of your vehicle. Without such protection, your vehicle is vulnerable to chips, scratches, and other sources of damage such as UV rays and chemical acidity from dead insects and bird droppings. Getting a ceramic coating Gig Harbor will offer your car’s paint job a protective, hydrophobic layer for up to two to five years.

This will cause rain, mud, and any other liquid to bead up and roll off of the surface of your car. It will also repel dry dust, dirt, and grime, making it easier to maintain your car’s cleanliness down the line. If you want to protect your car’s paint and appearance for years to come, ceramic coating is your best bet. Contact us for a free estimate and to discuss what auto detailing services and a great job we can do for your vehicle.

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Gig Harbor Ceramic Coating

A lot has been said about that new car smell… let us offer you a new car shell! Our ceramic coating marries long-term durability with the short-term satisfaction of a glossy topcoat, so your vehicle will look gorgeous in no time– but it will last for a long time. At Parkers Detailing Co, we offer a fantastic job and the very best ceramic coatings in the area.

This treatment is multi-step, including auto detailing, paint correction, and application of the silicon dioxide coating. At Parkers, we can take care of each step in one appointment to get you (and your shiny “new” car) back on the road in no time at all. First, we do a thorough but gentle hand washing of your car’s surface to ensure any dirt, debris, or grime is off. Next, a clay bar is applied to pry off any tough-to-remove tar or bonded material. Finally, a silicon dioxide coating is applied to your car’s clean surface.

This bonds with the existing clear coating on your car’s paint, creating an ultra-strong covalent bond that adds thickness, gloss, and serious protection from the elements. While the whole ceramic coating Gig Harbor process only takes a few hours in our shop, follow-up care will be crucial to your car’s long-term appearance. While your car is safe to drive home, ceramic coating takes about two to three weeks to fully cure, or create the chemical bond with the paint.

In this time, you should avoid getting your car wet, washing it, or letting debris sit on it for extended periods. Visit our About page now for more details. You can also check our Auto detailing Puyallup page for more details.

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